Super Bowl Ads’ Effectiveness

Advertisers await results of the analyses, polls and surveys of consumer responses to the commercials, usually there are conflicting results. will release our “Top 5 Ads of 2013” video in the next few days, as we have done for the past 15 years.

Stewart Elliot has compiled some of the information and data released on Monday and Tuesday, after the conclusion of Super Bowl XLVII. Read his article for more information.

AddThis, a data company, tracks what is called “brand lift”, said “The sponsor that enjoyed the largest brand lift, up 634 percent, was Anheuser-Busch. Go Daddy was second.”

Coca-Cola, said the total number of fan engagements with the “CokeChase” campaign – on the special Web site and YouTube – exceeded 11 million. (more than projected)

Dachis Group, said the Budweiser commercial about the Clydesdale won in “content virality”, with 310,000 “likes” and shares in social media, about double the second-place finisher.

Kantar Media, said the highest-rated commercial was not from a marketer but from CBS, promoting the CBS series “Person of Interest,” at the 2 minute warning break in the fourth quarter.

Frank N. Magid Associates, said the top commercial in the game, was the Budweiser spot.

TiVo, said that a commercial for Taco Bell was the “most engaging” of the game.

Visible Measures, said the most-watched commercial of Super Bowl XLVII was a spot for the Toyota RAV4, but that may change because

In other polls:

YouTube’s Ad Blitz wont release their winner for another 5 days so you can still vote on your favorites. VOTE NOW

USA Today’s Ad Meter declared Budweiser’s Clydesdale “Brotherhood” ad the winner after the game and based it or consumers rating the ads during the game. See their results in order of scoring.

Brandbowl announced their winner was Volkswagen’s “Get Happy”, their poll uses data from twitter and compiles a overall score., We are declaring Dodge Ram Trucks “Farmers” ad the most “reviewed” ad right after the game was over. Go Daddy’s ad “Perfect Match” was the most shared from our site Friday and Saturday before the game. Our “Top 5 ads of 2013” will be released soon. Check out our winners from the past 15 years.

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