Super Bowl Ad Time is Sold Out

Just as the playoff results are making it clearer which teams will play in Super Bowl XLVII, the lineup of advertisers buying commercials in the game is also becoming clearer.

CBS, which will broadcast the Super Bowl on Feb. 3, said on Tuesday that it had sold all the available commercial time — unless a marketer wants so much to be included that money is no object.

“Yes, we are sold out,” Leslie Moonves, chairman and chief executive of the CBS Corporation, said with a grin, “but if one of those movie companies wants to come in and pay five or six million, we will find room.”

As for the fanciful price tag in his jest, it would well exceed the highest rates for which CBS has made deals; “we have sold some of our spots for over $4 million,” Mr. Moonves said.

CBS has sold most of its Super Bowl spots, according to estimates by agency executives, for an average of $3.7 million to $3.8 million for each 30 seconds.

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