Jamaicans may be "Al-right" with Super Bowl Ads, but Bikers "Aint"

RALEIGH, N.C. Jan. 30, 2013 /WireWireNews/ — Bikers who are portrayed as negative stereotypes are banding together in protest of the commercials being broadcast during Super Bowl XLVII.

The members of the organization “Bikers ‘n Beards Against Media Stereotyping” or BBAMS -Twitter #BBAMS (pronounced buh-bamm-z) are angry about the way they are depicted in many of this year Super Bowl commercials. They site the numerous negative representations from many of the advertisers and are calling for a boycott of the products that they advertise. The organizations leader, Ken Phipps is urging his fellow comrades to join in the fight.

“I’m sick of being portrayed as the bad guy”, says Phipps “We’ve been kicked around and bashed by the media for too long, it’s time to revolt.” “Advertisers, ad agencies and Hollywood … enough is enough” he continued, “hey Hyundai, it’s time for you and your little puny ad execs to back off!”

He sites the numerous instances that are going to be broadcast during the big game that he’s seen previewed before the game at SuperBowl-Ads.com.

Here are some of the examples from this year’s game where the organization feels that they are being portrayed as negative stereotypes this year.

In Hyundai’s ad ‘Epic Playdate’, Phipps said, “Clearly, in this ad the dad feels that he needs to speed away, from people like us. Even his kids are shown frightened. It’s sending the wrong message.”

Coca-Cola’s “CokeChase” and Hundai’s “Gaspocalypse” Super Bowl Ad For Canadian HalfTime, clearly depict bikers in a negative way. “I’m surprised the Vegas showgirls aren’t pissed off too”, says Phipps.

Hundai’s “Gaspocalypse”

Coca-Cola’s CokeChase

Phipps said, “I haven’t seen all of this Lincoln one yet, but I can just tell it’s gonna make me puke.”

Lincoln’s #SteerTheScript campaign

“Come on… really? – another Hyundai ad?!” said Phipps.

Hyundai’s Sonata Turbo

Phipps also noted that many other examples can be found at SuperBowl-Ads.com in the 15 years of Super Bowl commercial history.

“There’s a Ford Trucks one from 2005,” said Phipps ” We’re the butt of a wimpy joke. It just aint right. “

“Can’t you just use some talking animal, or a kick to the crotch to get your point across”, he concluded.