Is David Letterman the Super Bowl's Best Pitchman?

David Letterman may be gearing up for a third surprise appearance promoting CBS during the Super Bowl.

In a quick remark last week at a CBS media event about the network’s Super Bowl plans, CBS CEO Leslie Moonves strongly hinted that Mr. Letterman may once again serve in a Super Bowl slot.

Mr. Letterman’s Super Bowl work, both past and potentially present, also spotlights the shifting importance of promos to the big broadcast networks. Essentially in-house ads for each network’s TV shows, the venerable ol’ promo is starting to benefit from new thinking by TV executives. Why air the usual clips of scenes from the shows when you can make a larger statement to a Super Bowl crowd of 100 million-plus, many of whom haven’t tuned in to the program being promoted? CBS, NBC and Fox have all gone the extra mile in recent Super Bowls, running promos that make better use of humor and celebrity and stand much closer to the high-production-value ads from paying sponsors.

Letterman’s Promo in 2007

Letterman’s Promo in 2010

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