Infographic: Which Brand Was the Super Bowl Tweet Champion?

Nearly 30% of tweets sent during the Super Bowl were about the ads—who got the most social bang for their buck? With brands investing a record $4 million for a 30-second spot, today’s infographic by digital agency WhisprGroup looks at how that ad spend translated into social ROI for brands—and who got the biggest social bang for its buck.

Here are some highlights from their research:

For every seven tweets about the game, there were two tweets about the ads

Highest positive sentiment scores: Tide (86%); Audi and Taco Bell (80%); Doritos (77%)

GoDaddy’s ad (model makes out with nerd) garnered 290,000 tweets (126,000 more than runner-up Budweiser), but only 14% were positive

Taco Bell scored more than 10,000 followers during the Big Game; GoDaddy added 1,100

It didn’t go so well for GoDaddy, but there was a clear winner of the Super Bowl 2013 Tweet Championship, based on highest scores in categories including tweet volume, positive sentiment, new followers, and ROI.

WhisprGroup Infographic
WhisprGroup Infographic