Hyundai re-ups for Super Bowl; takes shot at GM | Detroit Free Press |

As soon as General Motors said this week that it would quit paid ads on Facebook, Ford was on Twitter saying it has doubled-down on social and digital media — and hinted in a tweet that GM just didn’t know how to use new social media.

Then, no sooner had GM said yesterday it would not buy ads in the next Super Bowl, and Super Bowl regular Hyundai quickly let us know it won’t pass on the biggest annual ad event in TV — and by the way, (are your ears burning GM?), did know that the game is a huge social media event, too.

In an e-mail, Steve Shannon, Hyundai’s marketing VP, said: “The Super Bowl is a perfect venue for a brand like Hyundai. We are extremely pleased to be an advertiser on the 2013 Super Bowl.

“In addition to the fact that this is far and away the best-watched television program in the U.S. the social media opportunities continue to grow every year and we expect even more impact from this aspect of our advertising on the Super Bowl next year.”

The irony is not lost on us that GM global ad chief Joel Ewanick, when he was Hyundai’s ad guru, got the company into the Super Bowl and famously used it to roll out the job loss guarantee plan that helped Hyundai grow sales even through the depths of the financial crisis.

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