Go Daddy Says Deutsch Is NOT Locked In For 2013 Super Bowl

The jury is still out on who will be creating Go Daddy’s Super Bowl XLVII ads.
Recently, Business Insider was told that Go Daddy’s 2013 Super Bowl campaign would be handled by Deutsch New York. It turns out, the agreement between Deutsch and Go Daddy is not yet a done deal.

In an email to Business Insider, Go Daddy explained that they are “very happy with Deutsch NY and the work they did with the ‘Inside / Out’ campaign this summer, but we just have not yet decided who will produce our Super Bowl spots.”

Go Daddy confirmed it bought two :30 spots for the Super Bowl.

GoDaddy has not worked with an outside agency on Super Bowl ads since 2005, when they were created by the Ad Store in New York. The company chose to work with Deutsch this past June, first on their ads for the Olympics, and now on the company’s Q4 creative. The intention is to shift the brand image away from only being know for provocative advertisers to a more sophisticated tech company.

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