Go Daddy 2013 Super Bowl Ad to Feature .CO Domains

For the third consecutive year, domain and web hosting giant Go Daddy is partnering with the .CO domain for its upcoming 2013 Super Bowl commercial.

So far, details are sparse about the 30-second ad, with the press release simply stating that the ad will feature Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick and “be aimed at anyone who has ever thought about starting their own business”.

The Go Daddy and .CO’s co-marketing partnership has proven successful in its two previous efforts Go Daddy ads for the Super Bowl, promoting the .CO domain under the umbrella of the Go Daddy brand.

Last year’s “Body Paint” Super Bowl ad drove significant traffic to the GoDaddy.co website. Meanwhile, the 2011 ad which revealed Joan Rivers as the new Go Daddy .CO Girl brought considerable attention to the .CO brand with a 466 percent increase in domain name registrations within 15 minutes of airing.

Launched in July 2010, .CO is one of the fastest-growing domain name extensions and is a commonly referenced abbreviation for company.