Beyonce Will Have Dance Off At Super Bowl

Beyonce and her newest brand partner, Pepsi, have opened up the halftime stage to 100 people to dance alongside the American Idol guest star at the Super Bowl XLVII.

Beyonce joined forces again with Pepsi earlier this month, which marks her fourth partnership with the soda brand, to the tune of $50 million dollars. The contract is larger than previous years, expanding from simple print ads to commercials, special edition Beyonce emblazoned cans, and a halftime show at SuperBowl XLVII on February 3rd at the Mercedes Benz stadium in New Orleans. It was just announced that 100 guests will join Beyonce on stage and serve as her backup dancers, along with being shown in an intro before the performance. One lucky winner will also get the chance to watch the halftime show from the field.

Those fans that want to show their moves off to the world are asked to take shots in various poses: from head bopping, to hip shaking, and shouting. Once the powers that be narrow the hopefuls to 50, those 50 lucky individuals will get to go onstage along with a friend during halftime and shake what their mama gave em! The promo shots will be shown before the performance and as Beyonce makes her entrance.

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