Bar Refaeli's Super Bowl ad is rated most sexist and offensive commercial of the night by thousands of Twitter users

This year’s award for the most sexist Super Bowl commercial goes to Bar Refaeli’s ad for web host, which saw the supermodel kiss a computer programmer next to the tagline ‘smart meets sexy’.

Thousands of viewers used the Twitter hashtag #NotBuyingIt on Sunday night to flag and rate the most ‘disgusting,’ sexist and offensive commercial during the Ravens-49ers showdown.

The hashtag generated more than 10,000 real-time tweets, and 7,500 of those went to the ad, which has been accused of ‘objectifying women and stereotyping programmers.’

Other ads that are being called ‘Sexist’ are the Audi “Prom” ad, because a guy walks up to a girl and kisses her. And the Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Fiat for the “Nice car gets the girl” approach to advertising.

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