Audi let's you pick the ending of their Super Bowl Ad

Audi on Thursday at midnight ET will release three versions of its Big Game commercial on its YouTube channel.

It’ll start out with a young man who heads to the prom dateless, but confident, since he’s driving his father’s new 2013 Audi S6 high-performance sport sedan. Once at school, he brazenly takes the principal’s parking spot. At the dance, he boldly kisses the prom queen and is confronted by the prom king.

What happens next is up to consumers. After the three versions are posted, viewers will have 24 hours to vote on one of the three possible endings. The final ad will appear on Audi’s YouTube channel this Saturday, as well as during the game on CBS.

“It’s crucial to not only entertain Americans during the Super Bowl, but to also engage them in a broader conversation” says Loren Angelo, Audi of America general manager of brand marketing.

“Running the spot (in-game) is important,” but it’s also vital to get consumers to interact with the brand via social media, he says, and expand Audi’s reach to more potential customers.

“You become part of the conversation,” says Angelo. “We want Audi to become part of the conversation in America.”

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