Super Bowl Prediction: Coca-Cola to Have Largest Social Media Impact of all 2012 Commercials

While a host of former NFL players will pick this year’s Super Bowl winner during the NBC pre-game show, digital marketing agency ymarketing is announcing Coca-Cola as the odds-on favorite to become the Social Media Brand Champion in 2012. The prediction is based on established social media presence, recent digital performance, and historical reaction to Super Bowl Ads as measured by post-game online consumer behavior and social media interaction. Other top brands expected to score big include Best Buy, Chevy, Disney, Doritos, Google, Kia and Pepsi.

“One of the biggest changes to this year’s Super Bowl advertising is the overt quest for command of the so-called second screen, or mobile tablets and phones,” said Donald Nosek, VP of Strategy for ymarketing. Whereas in the past brands may have mentioned a social media address or added subtle icons to an ad, “This year the spots will encourage social media interaction while the game is in progress,” noted Nosek. “In our mind Coke, and a few others, appear to have solid integrated advertising game plans.”

The full 2012 Super Bowl Social Brand Scoreboard Report will be available after the game to all who register at and will show how ymarketing’s predictions matched up to the actual results.