Super Bowl Ads Planned For Indianapolis Buildings

At least 17 downtown Indianapolis building owners are angling to attract supersized Super Bowl ads.

The buildings’ exteriors are up for rent in an online auction that starts Wednesday or Thursday and runs through Dec. 16.

Bids could run as high as $100,000 to hang banners or wraps on properties in choice locations, such as on Georgia Street, where a Super Bowl Village will be built before the Feb. 5 NFL championship game.

“It’s an opportunity no one was really capitalizing on,” said Chris Price, principal of Mattison Corp., an Indianapolis event planner that’s holding the auction.

Online bids can be made starting Wednesday or Thursday at, where photos of some of the buildings are posted.

The city will allow bigger-than-normal banners or wraps on buildings for the Super Bowl, as long as the ads relate to the Super Bowl.

Price said only official Super Bowl sponsors will be allowed to bid in the auction.

Building owners will have the right to reject high bids if the sponsor is a competitor of a tenant in their building or for other reasons, Price said.

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