Super Bowl ads get racier, but does sex really sell?

Go Daddy video interview and in-depth USA Today report about sex in Super Bowl Ads. The interview features the GoDaddy girls Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels as well as Go Daddy founder Bob Parsons. There is a little behind-the-scenes footage of the upcoming Super Bowl ad, that features hot Colombian model Natalia Velez.

Here’s Danica Patrick, arguably as famous for her GoDaddy spots as for her race car driving, standing on the set in 4½-inch stilettos. Here, too, is Jillian Michaels, the shapely fitness guru and official GoDaddy Girl. She’s helping Patrick strategically apply body paint to what will appear, in the ad, to be a nude model.

Sexy ads are slinking back to the Super Bowl. At stake: the eyeballs of more than 100 million Super Bowl viewers. And the urgent need to drive all of them online to find out more, socialize and tweet with friends and ultimately buy that beer, smartphone or luxury car. Thirty-some advertisers will spend upwards of $230 million just for the airtime to fight for attention in the Feb. 5 game. But that only partly explains why sexual imagery in Super Bowl advertising is becoming about as common as sand in the Sahara.
They talk about why sexy Super Bowl commercials are working. Bob Parsons has actually a really great explanation why Go Daddy chose to use sex for their Super Bowl commercials.

See the new Go Daddy .co Super Bowl Commercial “Body Paint”

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