Star in your own Doritos Super Bowl Commercial

Brightline Interactive, a leader in gesture and touchscreen experiences, will debut on January 27th at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, an experience that allow users to insert images of themselves onto one of the characters from previous iconic Doritos Super Bowl commercials.

“We’re excited to bring our innovative touchscreen to a brand as powerful as Doritos,” began Erik Muendel, CEO and Creative Director of Brightline Interactive. “By combining the interactive touchscreen and trademark style of Doritos’ commercials, we can attract users in a novel way.”

The experience allows users to first take a picture of themselves in a touchscreen kiosk and then transpose a cutout of their faces to be placed over characters of Doritos ads. The effect is a caricature, with the user’s head enlarged for comic effect.

Quin Woodward Pu
Brightline Interactive
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