Where To Vote For The Best Super Bowl Commercials of XLVI

View the ads from Super Bowl XLVI and “like” them now SuperBowl-Ads.com Hulu’s viewer has a nice history of ads too, if you click on the little arrow, next to “2012 Ads” on the lower left.

Adweek is putting together a small panel of ad execs so you can follow their opinions and critiques “live” during the game at http://adweek.com/super-bowl

There’s also the third annual “BrandBowl” put together by the creative team at Mullen Advertising. To be involved, tweet your likes and dislikes with the hashtag “#brandbowl” and they will compile a list of the top ads live. You can follow the tweets by the link at the top of this page “#brandbowl” or at brandbowl2012.com

USAToday and Facebook have teamed up for the annual USA Today AdMeter, and are letting the general populous vote for the first time ever! The voting will be via Facebook and is powered by the good folks at involver. They also have a nice place to review the ads, facebook.com/Sports

Also, YouTube will again be taking part in the Super Bowl commercial battle at Youtube AdBlitz. You can watch and vote there as well.