How to Create that Super Bowl Ad Buzz

Here’s some tips on creating Super Bowl Ad buzz by Brian Cavoli, Director of Marketing for BzzAgent.

1. Focus on the Conversation
People use Facebook to get involved in conversation. It may be easy to get people to visit your page and comment on the ad, but that type of conversation isn’t meaningful and it doesn’t last long. Jokes about the actor in the ad may be funny for a couple days but they do nothing to convince others to buy your product. Prepare for your ad by encouraging customers to talk about your product on Facebook and across the social web. When your ad drives people to the web, they will find posts from peers that will get them interested about trying your product. You need to drive sales and you aren’t spending $3 million in 30 seconds to get people to make cracks about the actor in your ad are you?

2. Cultivate Your Advocates
There is a big difference between all your followers and your true brand advocates. How you cultivate those advocates can be the difference that makes your campaign grow in social media. Advocates are influential and they want to share meaningful experiences with your brand. Give them exclusive access to something of value to share with their followers. Things like product trials, unpublished content and special offers will generate the quality word of mouth that turns buzzing into buying.

3. Start Now
Quality conversation takes a little time to build momentum, and you don’t have a lot of time. The social measurement firm Cymfony conducted a study on the media coverage and social media discussions surrounding Super Bowl advertisers a couple years ago. The study found that most of the discussion companies receive about their Super Bowl ad occurs before the game.

Staying quiet now and relying on massive word of mouth after the game isn’t a good idea. Conversation and media coverage increases throughout January, it spikes the day after the game, and it drops off quickly over the next three days. By Thursday, the only ads with any discussion are the ones that had created some controversy that the company had to apologize for. Your window for creating valuable buzz is opening right now. Use every social media channel available to get people talking about your product.

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