Go Daddy Unveils 2012 Super Bowl Commercial Plans

Go Daddy is advertising in its eighth consecutive Super Bowl broadcast. The world’s largest provider of Web hosting, domain names and net-new SSL Certificates has purchased two 30-second ad slots for the 2012 game. Surprisingly, both commercial scripts have already been approved by NBC’s “Standards and Practices” division.

“After seven years, we have a good idea about what we can do that works for us and still be approved by censors – we know how to take it right to the very edge,” said Go Daddy CEO and Founder Bob Parsons, the man behind the company’s long-running, high impact and always controversial Super Bowl ads.

“Critics have suggested we submit ads solely to be rejected, but we don’t … we submit concepts that are fun, edgy and slightly inappropriate. That’s GoDaddy-esque and that’s what drives viewers to GoDaddy.com year after year after year,” Parsons said.

In the 2005 Super Bowl, Go Daddy’s parody of a certain “wardrobe malfunction” was approved, aired once, but was pulled before it could air a second time because FOX suddenly deemed it as being “out of step with the tenor” of the event.

In every Super Bowl since, Go Daddy has been on what Parsons compares to a “short leash” when it comes to ad concepts. Each year, critics pan the ads, but viewers flock to the website to see what happens after the broadcast commercial ends … in what is known as Go Daddy’s Internet-Only version.

The exclusive online content has driven historic Internet spikes over the years. This year, Go Daddy recorded its largest Super Bowl website spike ever with a commercial that poked fun at its own edgy ad style. In the other commercial, Go Daddy revealed iconic comedienne Joan Rivers as the new Go Daddy .CO Girl. That commercial triggered a record-breaking 466 percent increase in domain name registrations within 15 minutes of airing.

In 2012, Go Daddy will once again broadcast two spots, including one featuring .CO, the fastest growing new Web address. The commercials are being produced this week in Scottsdale, Ariz. and Los Angeles. Once again Go Daddy Girls Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels will be featured in Go Daddy’s .CO commercial.

Danica, who recently announced she will drive full-time in NASCAR next season for Go Daddy, is in both commercials. This is Danica’s sixth Super Bowl ad campaign, all with Go Daddy Productions.

“Go Daddy knows how to have fun with its advertising and has truly mastered the art of driving website traffic with edgy commercials that push the limits – I can’t wait to see what happens next at GoDaddy.com,” Danica said.

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