Fast Co.'s Co.Create Picks its' Top Super Bowl Ads of the "Modern Era"

Here at Co.Create, we’re firm non-believers in the “things were better back in the day” school of thought. Things, creativity, life, tend to generally get better.

And yet.

It seems as though the hype around Super Bowl advertising has grown in inverse proportion to the quality of the commercials. This is because at some point, someone figured out a Super Bowl formula, and the formula, once a handy guideline, became an overused recipe for winning increasingly meaningless AdMeter status.

Here, in anticipation, a rundown of Co.Create’s best “modern-day” Super Bowl spots.

Tide “Interview”

Coca Cola “It’s Mine”

Coca-Cola “Videogame”

Audi “Godfather”

NFL “American Family”

Google “Parisian Love”

Pepsi “Refresh Project”

Hyundai “Assurance”

ETrade “Monkey”

Budweiser “Wassup”

Monster “When I Grow Up”

EDS “Cat Herding”

Apple “1984”

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