Early Reviews Of Super Bowl XLVI Ads

Every year, more companies release their Super Bowl ads early — reasoning that even though this will spoil the surprise for some viewers, it will generate even greater value in the added online and social media buzz.

So we say, hey, if they’re gonna release ’em, we’re gonna rate ’em.

Audi, Vampires.

It’s party night for the vampires, and the party is about to get even better, because here comes the cool guy with another six-pack of blood. He pulls up in his new Audi with the new bright-as-daylight headlines and, OMG! Daylight! One by one, everyone at the party explodes.

There’s a buzz kill. Grade: A-.

Cars.com, Two-Headed Car Buyer.

There may be an idea here, but probably not. A guy who’s buying a car has a second version of his own head bobbing beside him urging him to buy. Isn’t that the role spouses or ne’er-do-well teenagers usually play?

Grade: C-.

General Motors, Chevy, “Happy Grad”

This is a morality play about how it’s always better to tell the truth sooner. A grad sees a beautiful new Chevy in front of his house and assumes his parents bought it for him. While they wait for his and his friends’ enthusiasm to play out, it only gets more out of hand, right up until the guy across the street, who owns the car, gets in and drives away.

Grade: B+.

Honda, Matthew Broderick.

Honda has posted a 2 1/2-minute version of what will be a one-minute ad. It’s designed to look like new outtakes from “Ferris Bueller,” but without the context, it drags. Will be better when it’s shorter.

Grade: C.

Pepsi Max, Winner for Life.

Even if this is out there, its punch line shouldn’t be spoiled. It’s the ongoing saga of the Coke deliveryman who surreptitiously enjoys a Pepsi. Only it doesn’t stay surreptitious.

Grade: B+.

Toyota, Camry

Simple and funny concept. They’re reinventing the Camry, so as long as they’re at it, they will reinvent other stuff. Like living room curtains will be made of pizza. It’s a 60-second spot that probably would have worked better in 45 seconds, but hey, what’s an extra $1.75 million?

Grade: B.

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