Dannon Super Bowl XLVI Commercial "The Tease" with John Stamos

The Dannon Company released the first-ever Super Bowl commercial for yogurt, called “The Tease,” on the Dannon® Oikos® Facebook and YouTube pages in advance of Super Bowl XLVI. The ad will be broadcast during the third quarter of the game.

Opposite John Stamos in the ad is actress Jessica Blackmore and the two are engaged in what becomes a memorable battle for the great taste of Dannon Oikos. The ad begins with Blackmore enjoying Dannon Oikos in a kitchen when Stamos enters. Blackmore offers him a spoonful, and what starts off as a playful tease ends with Blackmore showing just how far she’ll go for her Dannon Oikos.

The ad was directed by Remy Neymarc, possibly the youngest professional director in the history of the Super Bowl.

In the days following the Super Bowl, the company will continue to surprise its fans on Facebook and YouTube with a video of previously unseen casting footage. Check the Dannon Oikos Facebook and YouTube pages on the day of the Super Bowl to learn more and get a printable coupon to enjoy the great taste of Dannon Oikos.