Chevy Releases Details of More Super Bowl Ads

The Sonic will be featured in two of the seven commercials that Chevy plans to run for the big game, including one of two 60-second spots that are planned. The Volt plug-in hybrid, Silverado pickup and Camaro will also appear in other commercials.

The 60-second Sonic commercial is an anthem ad that stitches together footage of the subcompact car bungee jumping and being launched from a plane. It’s set to the song “We Are Young” by the New York indie band Fun.

The 30-second Sonic spot features animated bugs going for a joy ride while plastered against the grille of a hatchback version.


The 30-second Volt commercial is a continuation of an ongoing campaign that aims to better explain the technology behind the Volt plug-in hybrid. It features a bleary-eyed Volt owner who catches aliens in his garage in the middle of the night — the third such encounter in a week — inspecting the car’s technology.

“It’s electric, but when I need to go farther it uses gas,” the man tells the green creatures. “Please, tell me you understand.”


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