Bridgestone Releases Commercial "Teaser," and Super Bowl XLVI Digital Offerings

In preparation for its fifth year as an advertiser during the Super Bowl, Bridgestone Americas has expanded its online content, including a “teaser” of two new Super Bowl advertisements, as well as bonus digital offerings from well-known athletes and celebrities who bring to life the brand’s new “Time to Perform” ad campaign.

This year’s sneak peak reveals how the Bridgestone brand plans to change the world of sports with its new line of tire technology-infused performance balls (and puck) that were introduced in the first ‘Press Conference’ TV spot of the campaign. Viewers will get the inside scoop on the big-name athletes involved through the revealing behind-the-scenes video. In addition to our teaser, we’re also releasing several digital shorts that offer interviews and outtakes of our sports superstars.”

Bridgestone Americas’ Facebook page serves as the digital epicenter of the new campaign ( ). Visitors there will find 3D animated Performance ball (and puck) and tire models that offer an interactive technology demonstration. Additional celebrity videos will be released leading up to the Feb. 5 game, as well as extra online entertainment planned for debut on Super Bowl Sunday.