Aerial Advertising at Super Bowl XLVI Available for a Lot Less Than TV Commercials

Months before Super Bowl XLVI on February 5th, 2012 in Indianapolis, TV ads are already at a premium. In fact, as of this writing, only a few slots remain unfilled. And the price for each thirty second commercial is a staggering 3.5 million dollars, half a million above last year’s record high. But the scarcity of the ads is not the only factor. Though the thought of having over a hundred million people see their ad is tantalizing, many businesses couldn’t even consider such an expense. But there is good news. The Lucas Oil Stadium has a retractable roof that opens a four-acre window to the sky for all the fans present. And that may be just the window businesses on a budget need.

AirSign Aerial Advertising is an experienced aerial advertiser that has been successfully promoting businesses since 1996. AirSign is now offering advertising live at Super Bowl events for a fraction of NBC’s rate. But, like the TV ads, there are a limited number of slots available and they are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

“One of the best options for Super Bowl aerial advertising is our newest branch of advertising, Blimp or Airship advertising,” said Patrick Walsh, founder and president of AirSign. “The manned airship is customized with a client’s brand and it can float over the open stadium for the entire game.” These airships display on their sides in giant letters the name of a company, a webpage, a logo, or whatever message is desired. Plus, they continue to work at night through internal lighting.

Aerial billboards pulled behind a plane are also available. These banners can be up to five thousand square feet. The message is seen repeatedly as the plane flies over the stadium area. It is clearly visible before and after the game, as well as to anyone enjoying the attractions throughout the week preceding the big game.

Skywriting is also an option. Paraffin oil injected into the exhaust of the plane produces an environmentally friendly smoke that forms the letters. This is so unique, people often stop to watch the entire message spelled out in the sky.

While a single aerial advertising message may not be seen by a hundred million people, for many companies, that’s fine. Perhaps they want to promote a local Indianapolis business or something available only to those present at the game. National companies frequently complement other promotions using aerial advertising because it’s so memorable. For businesses asking, “How would an AirSign in the sky over Super Bowl events boost my company’s profits?” don’t take too long to make a list. The spots are filling up quickly.

About AirSign Aerial Advertising:
AirSign is a leading, full-service, nationwide aerial advertising agency that has been providing custom design, printing and flying of airplane banners as well as skywriting since 1997.

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