5 Funniest Super Bowl Ads That Weren't for Doritos

One of the best things to watch during the Super Bowl aside from the game is the ads. The ads are brand new, ridiculously hilarious at times and some even make it into the pop culture spectrum.

BleacherReport has compiled a list of their choices for the five funniest ads of the past 5 years that don’t have Doritos as their product.

Doritos has pulled out hilarious ads in recent years thanks to their Crash the Super Bowl Contest. Some classics include the Doritos Pug, the Doritos Snowglobe, the Doritos Coffin and BleacherReports favorite, the Doritos Ninja.

Super Bowl XLV, Brisk: Eminem

Super Bowl XLIV, TruTV: Punxsutawney Polamalu

Super Bowl XLIII, Bud Light: Swedish Ad

Super Bowl XLII, E*Trade: Baby

Super Bowl XLI, Nationwide, Rollin’ VIP

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