Yet Another Super Bowl Spot Brings PepsiCo's Total to Seven

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In addition to the six spots already promised to Pepsi Max and Doritos for this year’s “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, Ad Age has learned that the company has a seventh spot in the mix.

The food and beverage giant is in the process of determining which of its brands will get the spot. Brisk Iced Tea is in the running, according to executives with knowledge of PepsiCo’s thinking. But so are brands from the company’s snack portfolio.

It’s also possible that the company could look to sell the spot back to Fox if it’s unable to settle on a brand to advertise. Given the high demand for this year’s game, Fox would likely be able to sell it for a higher rate than it was purchased. Fox has been seeking between $2.8 million and $3 million for 30-second slots. PepsiCo declined to comment.

Brisk has a new campaign out that brings back its popular claymation style from the 1990s. The first installment starred Mexican-American action hero Danny Trejo as his character Machete Cortez from the 2010 film “Machete.” A video with Ozzy Osbourne will launch on Jan. 14. A company release touting the Osbourne video promises that Brisk will also be partnering with a “few other A-list stars.” Mekansim, an up-and-coming production studio in New York and San Francisco, began working on the Brisk business last September.