Xoom, Groupon and ... Bieber? The Web's Super ad attack

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Groupon made fun of Tibet. Motorola made fun of Apple.

And Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber made fun of 4G (and 5G … and 6G …).

The Web was well represented during Sunday’s flood of Super Bowl advertising excess (aka #brandbowl), with some of the biggest names in consumer technology and social networking taking their turns alongside Coke’s killer dragons and Volkswagen’s baby Darth Vader.

In the tech-o-sphere (motto: If you didn’t live-tweet it, did it really happen?), one of the Super Bowl ads getting the most love was the none-too-subtle jab Motorola took at Apple while promoting its upcoming Xoom tablet computer.

In the ad, our geeky hero uses his Xoom (powered by Google’s Android system) to read George Orwell’s “1984.” That, along with the legions of brainwashed automatons surrounding him, amounts to a direct allusion to Apple’s own “1984” Super Bowl spot from, er, 1984.

That time, the Mac was going to free computer users from their Orwellian rut. This time? The drones are wearing white earbuds. Presumably, they also use iPads.