What Ad Airs When: The SuperBowl-Ads.com Cheat Sheet

Note: this list will be updated and links to video will be added if the ads are released.

Kraft Snacks Planters Nuts. Wheat Thins, Chips Ahoy
Paramount Pictures “Kung Fu Panda 2
Pizza Hut
Sony Pictures “Just Go With It“, “Battle: Los Angeles” and “Priest“.
-and- E*Trade Baby will “talk” with Fox Sports

1st Quarter
Audi – “Release the Hounds”
:30 Bridgestone Reply All
:30 GM Chevrolet
:30 Go Daddy “New .CO Girl Revealed
:30 Hyundai “Hypnotized
:60 Kia “One Epic Ride

2nd Quarter
:30 BMW “Possibilities
:30 CarMax
:30 GM Chevrolet
:30 Coca-Cola “Border Crossing
:30 Motorola Mobility “Empower the People
:30 Mars/Snickers “Logging
:30 Sony Ericcson
:30 Teleflora – “Faith Hill”
:30 Volkswagen “The Force

Half-Time Show Sponsored by Bridgestone
:30 and :15 Salesforce.com “Chatter” bookend the performance
Black Eyed Peas Headline Entertainment – will be joined by Usher and Slash

3rd Quarter
:30 BestBuy
:30 Careerbuilder
:30 CarMax
:30 Cars.com
2:00 Chrysler/Dodge “Eminem?”
:30 Coca-Cola “Seige”
:60 Disney “Pirates of the Carribean
:30 HomeAway “Smush
:30 Hyundai “Deprogrammed

4th Quarter
:30 Bridgestone Carma
:30 Cars.com
:30 GM Chevrolet
:30 Go Daddy – “The Contract”
:30 Hyundai “Anachronistic City
:60 Mercedes Benz “Welcome
:30 Skechers – “Kim Kardashian
20th Century Fox
:30 Volkswagen “Black Beetle

GM Chevrolet will sponsor Postgame Show
and present MVP with a 2011 Camaro Convertible

Throuought Game
Anheuser-Busch (3) Bud Light, (3) Budweiser, (1) :60 Stella-Artois
Pepsico (3) Doritos, (3) PepsiMax, (1) Brisk “Eminem”

Schedule Undisclosed
Focus Features “The Eagle”
(5) Paramount Pictures “Super 8“, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon“, “Rango“, “Thor” and “Captain America: The First Avenger”
Relativity Media “Limitless”
(2) Universal Pictures “Cowboys & Aliens“