The Future Of Marketing: Ads Get Physical, Digital

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The upcoming Super Bowl is likely to draw as much attention for its commercials as it will for the game. But what used to be the biggest advertising moment of the year is no match for ads in the digital age. Social networks and mobile media are changing the face of advertising and many are wondering what to expect next. Teressa Iezzi, editor of the online publication Creativity, tells NPR’s Renee Montagne that advertisers are not abandoning old methods, but updating them to meet consumers where they are: online.

The Super Bowl itself is an example of how much has changed in the advertising industry, says Iezzi. Historically, brands would spend millions of dollars to air an ad for 30 seconds. Now, that 30-second spot is just the beginning.

Advertisers run their ads during the game, “because it’s still a mass vehicle,” she says. But that TV ad is a jumping off point for continued interaction on Facebook, or on Twitter, or an online contest.

“They don’t just run the ad and then that’s it,” she says.

Companies can now be in constant communication with their consumers, whether in print, on TV, online or via mobile phones.