The best rejected Super Bowl commercials

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Advertising has come a long way from those family friendly marketing figures like the creepy old Orville Redenbacher guy in his bright red suspenders and bow tie, and eight-year-old kids yelling for a large jug to bust through a wooden fence.

Yes, it’s official: sex sells. I’m sure this is a startling new concept, and I’m sure you didn’t see at least a dozen ads using that very concept on your commute to work this morning. It’s really catching on, and especially during the Super Bowl.

Just over two weeks from now, two teams will compete to be the NFL’s champion for 2011. But during the many, many commercial breaks, a much larger and far more expensive battle is taking place between advertisers. Over the last 10 years, the allotted ad time during Super Bowl telecasts has increased by 18 percent. During that time viewers also sat through 425 total minutes of commercials, with the total ad space valued at $1.62 billion.