Survey: Facebook could get a Super Bowl deluge

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Roughly 15 percent of the estimated 100 million people who could watch the Super Bowl this year are expected to post something on Facebook about the game or the Super Bowl ads, according to a study by Venables Bell & Partners, a San Francisco ad agency.

Fans may also be texting en masse, the study said. But perhaps because fans tend to gush at length, Venables Bell doesn’t expect to see an explosive outbreak of tweeting, a form of communications that compels its practitioners to express their thoughts with haiku-like brevity.

“During the game, 22 percent of Americans plan to be on Facebook (vs.16 percent in 2010) and 22 percent plan to be texting, while only 4 percent plan to tweet,” Venables Bell said in a press release. “These percentages nearly double for young adults (18-29), with 41 percent saying they’ll be on Facebook, 44 percent reporting they’ll be texting, and 12 percent tweeting. When asked what they will be posting about on their social networks, almost a quarter of survey respondents said they would post something about the ads over plays, the half-time show, parties, players, and coaches.