Super Bowl? Some Advertisers Say So What

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Last year, according to Nielson, the Super Bowl was the most watched TV program in U.S. history. Ads have been sold out since last October, even at up to $3 million for a 30-second spot. So why would any advertiser, having previously experienced the euphoria of reaching more than 100 million viewers at one time, choose to not advertise this year?

Papa John’s, Denny’s, Dr. Pepper, Monster, Intel and KGB will all be absent from our screens during the telecast. KGB and Intel have chosen to, like the decision Pepsi made last year, invest their money in social media. KGB was an interesting first-timer last year with an ad in the Super Bowl only one year after they launched.Intel has already launched its “Visual Life” campaign and is all over social media including short films produced for YouTube.

Papa John’s is using a stunt to garner press around the Super Bowl without actually coming up with the $3 million or so for a spot. They will be giving a free large pizza to anyone who signs up for their rewards program if the Super Bowl goes into overtime.