Super Bowl ads: My top five commercials

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Here are my top five 2011 Super Bowl ads. Feel free to use the comment board if you know your top five are better than mine.

You can check out all the Super Bowl commercials here.

5. Reply-all commercial — It was only later that I realized this was an ad for tires.

4. E-Trade baby commercials — The kid is still living high off that milk money investment he made a few years back (but he might want to get that cat of his checked out).

3. Doggy Doritos –Who knew dogs loved corn chips so much?

2. Logging for Snickers — Rosanne Barr gets hit by a log. Need I say more?

1. Darth Vader force starts a Volkswagen — Best commercial of the Super Bowl, and I predicted it before the game even began.

— Austin Knoblauch

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