Buys Ads Around Super Bowl Halftime

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The San Francisco-based company, a pioneer in Web-based software, has purchased airtime immediately before and after halftime at the Super Bowl for animated commercials that were developed with help from–front man for the Black Eyed Peas, the band slated to perform during the halftime show.

Marc Benioff, CEO of says he wants to reach the widest possible audience as his company launches a new incarnation of Chatter, that lets people inside companies collaborate and share information.

The new version, launching Jan. 31, will for the first time let people at companies that are not users sign up for the free and paid service. The company will also launch a related Web address, says he wrote, directed and penned the tagline for the Chatter ads, adding that it was his first time directing a commercial. The spots will debut the first appearance of the “Baby Peas,” a group of animated characters, and will also feature “Chatty, the magical cloud.”

The ads will span the 30 seconds preceding and 15 seconds following the halftime show and will meld with the Black Eyed Peas performance.