"Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Times" Super Bowl Ad Sneak Peek

In the very brief clip, we see a bunch of quick cuts showing Johnny Depp (as Captain Jack Sparrow), in action. There are swords, explosions, guyliner, etc. A stately-sounding woman voices over the spot: “You could guide an expedition,” she says. “You are Jack Sparrow,” followed by more swashbuckling and gun powder, and a shot at the end of Sparrow grinning at someone off camera, “There should be a ‘Captain’ in there somewhere…,” he says, presumably to the woman doing the voice over, who addressed him as just “Jack Sparrow,” minus the “Captain” part.

The full spot on Sunday will be a meaty 30 seconds, and fans who want even more excitement can get in on the action by texting “PIRATES” to “DISNEY” (347639) to receive a special extended look at the big game spot delivered straight to your phone. Plus sneak peeks, trivia, updates, etc.