Let Them Play! Block the Lockout! [VIDEO]

Here we are, Super Bowl, the biggest event in sports, and an NFL Lockout looms very large. As the NFL celebrates its most successful season ever, NFL owners are preparing to lock out players and fans from their game starting in March. The players want to play and the fans want to see them play. So, why won’t the Owners take a Lockout off the table? Do your part as a fan and help Block the Lockout.

To sign the Block the Lockout Petition and for more information, please visit http://www.nfllockout.com/.

Produced by NFLPA (with Third Story Films – http://www.thirdstoryfilms.com/ & New Media Strategies – http://www.nms.com/) using a limited budget due to the threat of a lockout. The distribution plan leverages new/social media channels with minimal costs.