Hyundai begins Super Bowl XLV Campaign with Sun Bowl Blitz

The first Sonata Hybrid spot, “Anachronistic City,” acknowledges that although the Sonata is not the first hybrid to market, it is the “smart challenger of conventional, early generation hybrids [representing] a sophisticated evolution of the technology, wrapped in a more appealing package.”

The 30-second spot showcases a variety of inventions that were all innovative in their time, including 1880s-era high wheel bicycles, mid-century typewriters, a blimp, 1980s-era cell phones, a “portable” record turn-table, black-and-white TVs, silent movies a folding camera and even “jiggle belt” exercise machines. The Sonata then appears as the spot makes a point about how all technology evolves.

Hyundai’s sponsorship of the Sun Bowl includes eight 30-second commercials. In addition to the Hybrid Sonata debut ad, Hyundai said it would include TV spots featuring the two other Sonata powertrains.

Hyundai has purchased three 30-second spots during Super Bowl XLV. 

Other automakers scheduled to run ads during Super Bowl XLV are Audi, BMW, Chrysler, General Motors, Kia, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen.