GM stakes millions on Super Bowl Ad Blitz

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The automaker will air five Chevrolet commercials during the Feb. 6 game on Fox, the company said Monday, along with two ads in the pregame show and one in the post-game show, which it also is sponsoring. GM also plans a tie-in with Fox’s post-Super Bowl “Glee” episode and will give a Camaro to the game’s most valuable player.

In one ad, a seemingly mundane car dealership ad is disrupted when a Camaro suddenly morphs into the Bumblebee character from the “Transformers” movies.

In another, people in a retirement home discuss a Chevrolet Cruze ad they are watching on TV.

A third spot shows a woman driving a Camaro through action-movie sequences, while two people talk about the action in a voiceover as though they were coming up with a movie.

In the fourth ad, a Silverado acts like Lassie, helping a boy’s parents rescue him from increasingly bizarre scenarios.

The fifth ad shows world-changing inventions powered by electricity, including the light bulb and computer, ending with Chevrolet’s electric car, the Volt.

GM plans to release the ads beginning Friday to Facebook fans of its cars. The commercials were created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco.