Fans file suit against NFL and Cowboys over Super Bowl seating

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Fans whose Super Bowl plans were altered by seating problems at Super Bowl XLV have filed a lawsuit against the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones. The lawsuit alleges breach of contract, fraud and deceptive sales practices.

The Dallas News reports that the plantiffs are seeking $5 million from the NFL. Up to 1,000 fans may join the suit.

Some of the complaints are legitimate (the 400 fans who didn’t end up having a seat to the game, for instance) while others come off as a bit forced (some season-ticket holders weren’t aware they’d be in temporary seats).

“Unfortunately, not all of the ticket-holders to Super Bowl XLV got what they bargained for or what was promised to them,” the lawsuit states.

The league screwed up twice: first by not having Cowboys Stadium ready, and second by its inadequate offer of repentance which would give fans $2,400 and was later amended to include a ticket to next year’s Super Bowl or an option to take a ticket to a future Super Bowl, airfare and hotel included. This wasn’t a negotiation. The NFL should have made the fans an offer they couldn’t refuse up front. Now it’ll end up having to pay more than they would have originally needed.