El Paso research company finds Volkswagen Darth Vader is highest-scoring Super Bowl ad

Volkswagen’s Darth Vader commercial was the top Super Bowl commercial in a ranking done by Sands Research of El Paso, which used equipment to measure brain activity and eye movement for people watching the ads.

“This is the highest scoring ad we ever tested, and we’ve had close to 1,000 ads tested over the years,” said Stephen Sands, chairman and chief science officer for the company.

A complete list of how Super Bowl commercials ranked is available on Sands Web site at www.sandsresearch.com.

Here’s the top six Super Bowl commercials, according to the Sands Research tests:

1. Volkswagen/Darth Vader
2. Paramount Pictures/Captain America movie
3. Chevrolet/Volt discovery
4. Volkswagen/Black beetle
5. Universal Pictures/Fast Five
6. Pepsi Max/Love Hurts

The three lowest-rated commercials:

67. Sealy/After glow
68. Salesforce.com-Chatter.com
69. Stella Artois/Crying jean.