Doritos Finger Sucker Steals Super Bowl Ad Spotlight

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With a creepy finger licker, a resurrected grandpa and a pug puppy getting the best of a bad man, Doritos was the clear fan favorite out of this year’s Superbowl commercials.

The brand began trending on Twitter by the middle of the first quarter and the commercials were showered with accolades over social media throughout the game. By halftime Doritos was mentioned in more than 32,000 tweets according to

“The Doritos commercials work for consumers because they are based on consumer insights. They are simple and real and I think their ads are resonating a lot more than the spots with celebrities and crazy graphics this year,” social media marketing expert Matt Britton, CEO and founder of Mr. Youth, told Fox411.

Companies were desperate to recreate the magic of the Betty White-Snickers ad from last year’s game which meant that celebrities big (Eminem, twice) and small (Kenny G.) ruled the commercial roost this year in ad spots which sold for $3 million per thirty seconds of air time.

Best Buy’s pairing of Ozzy Osbourne with pint-sized pop star Justin Bieber was the best of the celebrity hits. In the ad a confused Osborne is usurped by the younger tech savvy Bieber. But the kicker comes when Ozzy reveals he has no idea who Bieber is.