.Co To Star In Godaddy Super Bowl Commercial

by MHB via thedomains.com

The big news for domainers out of the ICANN meeting in Colombia today was delivered by none other than Bob Parsons CEO of Godaddy.

Tonight .Co held a party for some of the attendees of the ICANN meeting.

As part of the party Juan Calle, who is the CEO of CO Internet S.A.S., gave a presentation using video to show some of the achievements of the registry.

Mr. Parsons the CEO of Godaddy delivered a video message directed to Juan, to the effect that Godaddy would be making a BIG announcement on December 13th and although he couldn’t tell us the exact nature of the announcement, he said he would give a hint,  saying to the .Co party attendees ” keep an extra eye out during the Super Bowl”.

The announcement was followed by huge fireworks display to the music of Shakira.

The message from Mr. Parsons is clear.

.CO is going to either star in, be featured in or at least get a mention in at least one of Godaddy’s $3 Million dollar Super Bowl commercials.

The domain world went wild last month when Godaddy.com replaced the .com as the default choice for new domain registrations with .Co for one day.

Now it seems like .Co will star on the biggest platform in the world, the Super Bowl.

As of today there are 610,000 .Co registrations, (as also announced at tonight’s function).

After the Super Bowl commercial(s) there is every reason to believe that number will be well into the 7 figures.

Guess the world will have to tune in on December 13th to see exactly what Mr. Parsons has in mind for .Co,  but for all  our readers you just got a one week head start.