Audi's Super Bowl Ad will contain a #hashtag to continue the conversation online

From Hashtags to Newsfeeds to Online Spots, Big Game Advertisers Tap Web 2.0 to Extend Buy

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When Audi’s ad debuts Feb. 6 during Super Bowl XLV in the first break in the game, it will contain a hashtag so viewers can follow conversations about the ad on Twitter. Will a majority of viewers have a clue what the symbol means? Probably not. But its mere presence is a sign that Super Bowl advertisers are tapping social media to extend their buy like never before.

It is #ProgressIs. Viewers who use that and the URL in their tweets will enter a contest with the Grand Prize of driving the Audi A8 R supercar in Sonoma California, and award the winners favorite charity $25,000.

In Audi’s case, the TV spot is the starting point and Twitter is the vehicle for extending the experience beyond the first pod of the game. “You need television spots that are obviously humorous and creative, that cause a conversation, that have some kind of cause or meaning behind it,” said Scott Keogh, chief marketing officer. But “truth be told, the cause can only be sustained by social media.”