Angelica Huston, PETA slam CareerBuilder for Super Bowl ad

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by Vanessa Bostwick

Sometimes even the funniest ads can draw ire from viewing audiences.

After hearing that CareerBuilder plans on resurrecting chimpanzees for its 2011 Super Bowl ad, actress Angelica Huston wrote a letter to the job board’s CEO imploring him not to use the apes in his commercials.

PETA broke the news earlier this month that CareerBuilder was planning on using chimps to star in the ads.

Huston, a PETA activist, then wrote a letter to CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson asking him to watch her 2008 video on the abuse of ape actors, according to

Huston asked Ferguson to stop using chimps and to never use them again.

CareerBuilder first used the chimpanzees in 2006 for a slew of commercials featuring chimpanzees as hard-partying, disruptive employees in a corporate setting.