Amateur Admen Aspire To The Super Bowl Of Commericals

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A group of Provo friends are looking for fame and fortune. They created a television ad that has a chance to air during this year’s Super Bowl. “The Best Part” is presently one the top five Doritos commercials created for the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. It now has a better than a 50% chance of airing, but if the rest of the country likes it on game day, the creators might be looking at one million dollars.

Three friends from Provo got this idea stuck in their head.

“What comes to mind when you’re thinking of Doritos?” asked Tyler Marshall.

“Licking your fingers with all that orange cheesy dust on it,” said Eddie King.

King and Marshall reflected on their brain-storming session with friend, Tyler Dixon. They built on the cheesy dust concept and were soon gathering friends for their actors and crew.

“Never thought I might be on TV in my underwear,” joked Ryan Richardson. “But this kind of thing happens.”

“I’ve never aspired to be an actor or be in a commercial on the Super Bowl,” said Aaron Oldham.

But here they are, laughing at the out-takes of Oldham, having produced one of the top five commercials for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Challenge.

The commercial is set in what you imagine is the average American office scene. Oldham rips off a co-workers pants after the man unwittingly wipes Doritos dust on them. In real life, Oldham is a real estate agent with a sense of humor. But in the most shocking scene, he devours the finger of another co-worker as he finishes a bag of Doritos.

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