Taco Bell - Charles Barkley Super Bowl Ad

Charles Barkley Featured In Ad Airing During Football’s Biggest Game, Highlights New Value Meal, and Taco Bell’s Marketing Partnership with NBA

The Taco Bell NBA Five Buck Box integration will be promoted through television and radio ads featuring Basketball Hall-of-Famer and Emmy Award-winning commentator Charles Barkley that will air before, during and following Football’s Biggest Game.

Taco Bell is supporting the launch of the NBA Five Buck Box with broadcast TV and radio ads featuring Barkley. Debuting Thursday, January 28, the first set of :15 and :30 television ads titled “Poem” present a prim and proper “Sir Charles” in his study while contemplating a poem that best describes the NBA Five Buck Box. These “to be continued” spots, which will run nationally, serve as a humorous teaser for the concluding ads to come.

On Sunday, February 7, during the biggest game in football, “It Rocks” makes its debut with Barkley’s complete musical rhyme and features a special appearance from Los Angeles Lakers forward, Lamar Odom. The ad, created by Draftfcb Orange County in conjunction with House of Usher (production), Hatch (digital special effects) and Method Studio (special effects), will run nationally through March 7, accompanied by :60, :45 and :30 radio versions. The spot was directed by Kinka Usher.

Barkley’s presence with the Taco Bell and NBA partnership extends to a viral promotion that goes live February 28. Visitors to www.tacobell.com/bigbox, www.youtube.com/tacobell and the Taco Bell mobile site at m.tacobell.com can find exclusive video called “5 Seconds with Sir Charles.” These six :05 videos offer quirky thoughts from Barkley on topics including history, craftsmanship, trophies and Taco Bell® Cinnamon Twists. The videos, which will be promoted virally, are accompanied by the :15 and :30 television ads.