Super Bowl 2010 Viewers Going to Hell Courtesy of EA

by James Brightman

Recently, we brought you the news that Electronic Arts would be advertising one of its products during the upcoming Super Bowl. At the time, IndustryGamers ventured to guess that the Super Bowl ad spot would be for Dante’s Inferno, considering that the action title from Visceral Games ships just two days later. As it turns out, we were right, as one of our industry sources has confirmed to us today that Dante’s Inferno will be receiving a Super Bowl commercial, although EA itself still has not yet made this official.

The Super Bowl demographic certainly aligns with the young male audience that typically buys and plays video games, and there are plenty of people who watch the Super Bowl just to check out all the new commercials, so this is a pretty interesting investment by EA. It also shows you how much the publisher believes in its new IP. Estimates for this year’s Super Bowl ad spots are for at least $2.5 million, so EA had to open the piggy bank on this one.

We’re not sure this is the best use of EA’s marketing dollars, especially considering the publisher’s recent financial difficulties, but we’ll be very curious to see how the ad is received.