Sands Research Announces Results of Neuromarketing Study Ranking Effectiveness of 2010 Super Bowl Ads

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sands research annouces results of neuromarketing study ranking

effectiveness of 2010 super bowl commercials


This Year’s Most Engaging Include Volkswagen and Google Advertisements;

Past Top Spots Have Achieved Considerable Future Success

February 24, 2010 – El Paso, TX – Leading neuromarketing firm Sands Research announced today that it has completed its annual study gauging the effectiveness of Super Bowl commercials. The 2010 results were compiled using electroencephalography (EEG) recordings and eye-tracking data gathered from study participants. 

“Our technology measures engagement millisecond by millisecond and is the only to reflect frame by frame changes in emotion. Volkswagen’s ‘Punch Dub’ was our top scorer this year with a commercial that engaged viewers in virtually all of the frames,” stated Dr. Stephen Sands, Chairman and Chief Science Officer at Sands Research. “The company turned viewers into ‘Volkswagen detectors’ by having them look for and anticipate the cars – VW really maximized their entire 30 seconds.” Dr. Sands also noted that Google’s “Parisian Love” advertisement used an engaging storyline to elicit a consistent, deep emotional response from viewers.

Using its proprietary Neuro Engagement Factor (NEF)™, the company ranked these spots and  61 other commercials. The top ads and their respective scores are as follows:

#1: Volkswagen – Punch Dub/Deutsch – Los Angeles (4.71)

#2: Vizio – Forge/Venables, Bell and Partners – San Francisco (3.96)

#3: Budweiser – Bridge/DDB – Chicago (3.91)

#4: Google – Parisian/Google Creative Lab (3.80)

#5: Bridgestone – Whale of a Tail/Richards Group – Dallas (3.71)

“Rankings based on ‘free recall’ only test how easily a commercial is remembered and as a result fail to provide substantive feedback,” said Dr. Sands. “By conducting neuromedia analysis based on EEG readings rather than recall or more unreliable instant analysis peripheral measures such as heart rate, we are able to effectively determine the dimensions on which commercials are engaging viewers, and also an ad’s chance for success.”

Indeed, past results have proved strong indicators of future achievement – three out of the top five commercials identified in the 2009 Sands Research Super Bowl study went on to receive nominations for the coveted Creative Arts Emmy Award. This included Coca-Cola’s “Heist” spot which won the Emmy for “Outstanding Commercial” after taking Sands Research’s top ranking.

Full rankings, videos of the highest scoring 2010 Super Bowl commercials, and past year’s results are available at

Members of the press may obtain expanded information and results by contacting J.Todd Smith by email at: or by phone at 917-328-1156. All others may contact or call 888-267-6087 Ext. 812.

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