NFL selling pricey field access to Super Bowl postgame

For the first time, the NFL is selling fans access to the confetti-filled scene on the field after the Super Bowl.
The NFL On Location unit is inviting 700 fans to buy an “Exclusive Postgame On-Field Experience” after Super Bowl XLIV on Feb. 7 at Dolphin Stadium.

But these tickets don’t come cheap. Individual ticket prices at run from $5,749 to $9,799 depending on seat location. For that, customers get their game ticket, four nights of hotel accommodations, pre- and postgame parties, preferred parking and other goodies.

Field access after the Super Bowl is normally limited to players and their families, league staff and TV crews. But the NFL is trying to grab a bigger slice of the hospitality market.

Here’s how it will work, according to Frank Supovitz, the league’s senior vice president of events. About 15 minutes after presentation of the Vince Lombardi trophy, the league will begin cycling the 700 fans onto the field.

Each fan will get about 30 minutes. They can hang out while TV reporters interview game stars and players celebrate with their wives and kids.

How long does the postgame scene last?

“It actually goes all night,” Supovitz answers. “There’s an enormous amount of live TV. There’s players out there with their families for a pretty significant amount of time drinking in the experience.”

The regular ticket prices for Super Bowl XLIV in Miami will be $500, $800, $900 and $1,000.