Boost Mobile Ad Draws on Bears 'Shuffle'


Boost Mobile has drafted some of the 1985 Chicago Bears to star in its first Super Bowl commercial as the prepaid-wireless company tries to raise its brand awareness in an increasingly competitive market.

The company, which lets customers pay in advance for wireless service instead of signing a contract, is putting finishing touches on its ad. The ad shows former football players including Jim McMahon, Willie Gault and Mike Singletary re-creating their famous “Super Bowl Shuffle” rap song and video.

The original video was created by the Bears in 1985, just before they won Super Bowl XX. That film showed the teammates dancing to lyrics that included “We don’t mean to cause no trouble, we’re just doin’ the Super Bowl Shuffle.”

The commercial shows the much-older former football players trying to renew the magical moment.

“We’re bringing back all the thrusting, the bad rapping, the cowbell playing and the sax solo,” said William Gelner, executive creative director of 180 Los Angeles, the Omnicom Group Inc. group that created the spot.

One of the 1985 players even appears driving an electric scooter, of the kind often used by the elderly. It is intended to illustrate “so wrong” situations, a nod to Boost’s year-old ad strategy. The strategy includes creating wacky situations to suggest that other prepaid-wireless companies wrong consumers with hidden fees, Mr. Gelner said.

The ad will run in the first quarter of the game, which is being broadcast by CBS Corp. on Feb. 7. Media buyers say big-game ads are running marketers between $2.5 million and $2.9 million for 30 seconds of ad time